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Follow up on credibility checks if your gut tells you to. There are several ways to check on a vehicle transportation company’s reputation. Researching at the Better Business Bureau as well as checking on their licensing is quite straight forward. Word of mouth and asking for references is also an excellent way to get a third party opinion on how an auto shipper conducts its business. You can also check whether a company is currently licensed via the FMCSA Carrier Search.

The vehicle should have approx. 100 pounds of items. Remember we are not moving companies, there are still things you can remove from a vehicle to cut its weight and thus decrease the possibility that any additional fees will be charged. Three easy things that can be cut from your cars overall weight are:

  1. Excessive gasoline in the fuel tank
  2. Any standard tool boxes or extra car parts stowed away in compartments

Ask for the full price of all costs associated with the vehicle move. A partial, open-ended quote from an auto shipper could very well result in an unexpectedly higher bill in the end.

Take pictures of your car or truck at all angles before having it shipped. This is substantial proof of the vehicle’s condition pre-departure.

Do not let the off-loading of your vehicle be rushed or done secretly. In case any dents, scratches or damages are found on your vehicle, you need to be absolutely sure whether they were put there before or after your vehicle was handed over to the vehicle shippers.

If there are any issues with your vehicle’s condition upon arrival, address them in full before signing the bill of lading as disputing a claim after the car is handed over and signed for can be significantly more difficult.

If your vehicle is damaged during transport, please do the following:

  1. Pay the driver the amount you owe him
  2. Mark the damages on the Bill of Lading
  3. Take pictures of the damage
  4. Contact American Transport immediately and Jim will help you start the claim process.

Giving several weeks of notice to an auto shipping company is the best way to get a flexible and convenient shipping agreement rather than asking for your car or truck to be shipped last minute, causing stress and urgency as the company will need to move commitments around and change plans.

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