American Transport is a Worcester, MA-based full service auto transport company focused on delivering fast and reliable vehicle transport solutions throughout the United States, especially New England and Florida. We are a license Auto Broker/Carrier – MC 65290/ U.S. Dot  1793634 and ship vehicles in all 50 states not just Florida.

Please visit our other website  www.newenglandtoflorida.com and read the BLOG SECTION about how this industry really works and hope to save you mistakes several people make when choosing a transport company.

During the months of Sept 5 – June 10 we make weekly trips for our snowbirds with a number of trucks. During the summer months we also transport to Florida so we go year around.Vehicle heading South can be picked up all around New England and shipped to 1 of our 14 terminals in Florida.
 This is the same for shipping cars back North in the spring vehicles must be dropped at terminals in Florida but can be dropped at your door in New England as close as possible. The reason is very simple Florida is too big of a state to sit and have a driver pick up your car. You could be waiting 1-3 days for pick up because the number of cars heading back and time involved getting through all the traffic. Also,  heading south during the fall I like to use my terminals as it will save you time and money instead of going to your door, however, will still drop at your door in florida but the fee will be higher. The carriers have to get back to complete another load as soon as possible. In the long run it saves everyone time and there is no inconvenience to anyone as no one is wasting days sitting around for the carrier or customer.

We service new and used auto dealers or auctioneers looking for dependable, variable-volume vehicle shipping. We also provide auto transport to individuals moving due to career changes or seasonal transitions. American Transport offers the same level of high quality customer service to all of our clients, whether near our base in New England, Florida and the Atlantic coast states or elsewhere in the US.

We provide a secure, fenced terminal with camera service, and there is no charge for leaving your car overnight. In addition to transporting cars and trucks, we offer specialty shipping such as motorcycles, inoperable vehicles, and transport in an enclosed trailer.

At American Transport, we establish confidence with every successful transaction. Our policies include:

  • Licensing- we maintain full licensure and permitting for all vehicle transportation operations
  • Insurance- our insurance coverage offers extra piece of mind for your vehicle and transaction
  • Responsiveness- We transport most vehicles within a matter of days rather than weeks.
  • Contact Jim Belletete of American Transport for a free auto transport quote today.

You can also visit NewEnglandtoFlorida.com and review the Blog section for more information about shipping your vehicle.